Fortress of Inca’s core belief is that the people of Peru who make their shoes in their workshops and factories are just as important as the customers who buy them.

The founder of Fortress of Inca, while backpacking through South America, discovered his first pair of Peruvian boots and had reservations about wearing them due to the lambskin lined colorful native style. He decided to embrace his adventure with flair and blend in with the locals. Loving his new look that mixed traditional Incan textiles with a modern boot for a very stylish product, this new and hip discovery led him to bring the handcrafted boots to the United States, and Fortress of Inca became a reality.

All shoe products available from D’aipa’s Vault continue to be handmade in Peru using the finest quality leather and woven Peruvian textiles that feature eye-catching patterns, designs and intricate details. Fortress of Inca believes in living a free-spirited and vibrant lifestyle that captures your originality!

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