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Our company understands the importance of capturing a woman’s inner and outer beauty while providing a wonderful shopping experience.

We will capture your OUTER beauty by providing you with sexy, stylish, quality driven footwear and handbags at affordable prices... We will capture your INNER beauty by providing you with words of wisdom, affirmations, inspirational thoughts, and quotes.

Our overall goal will be to broaden our reach to women through social media, podcasts, forums, foundations, scholarships, and philanthropy work.

As you become part of the D’aipa’s Vault family, know that every dollar spent is working towards...

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Affordable Boots for All Occasions

Looking for a pair of boots that will “Wow!” your friends? Maybe you want something practical that you can wear to work and for a night on the town without missing a beat? Here at D'aipa's Vault, we believe that you shouldn't sacrifice comfort for style. Some shoes look great but feel terrible, while others fit comfortably but look horrible. But not anymore! We track down stylish, new options that look and feel amazing.



Wedges rose to popularity during the 1960s and 1970s before disappearing for a few decades. When the style came back in recent years, some thought it was just a fad,...